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The_Warrior almahdi at magma.ca
Wed Mar 2 22:47:42 EST 2005

Hello every one, I'm a biology student in a University, and I truelly need
your assistance in choosing a good topic for an undergraduate microbiology
project. We tried isolating and quantitatively analyzing bacteria from
common uncooked food products found in a grocery store such as chicken meat,
fish, beef, and yogurt as a control.

Then, to generally identify any bacteria isolated from the food samples and
to test the antibiotic resistance spectrum of the isolated bacteria. After
these steps, we would follow few microbiology techniques that we learned in
the labratory which would help us better analyze the metabolic properties of
the bacteria. Unfortunately we were told by the instructor that this topic
is not challenging at all because it had been done so many times.

Some of the techniques we thought of doing is using
The following equipment:

Incubator (already present in lab)

Centrifuge (already present in lab)


Sterile Water (or MMA)

Nutritional Agar (NA) and Petri dishes (around 20-30 dishes)

Sterile test tubes (For serial dilutions) – approximately 20

Cell lysing solution (EDTA or any other sufficient to lyse bacteria)

Antibiotic filter discs (Generic ones such as Kanamycin, Streptomycin,

Test tube vortexer

Gram staining reagents (Crystal violet, Gram’s iodine, safranin, 95%
ethanol, slide)


Can anyone help my partner and I in choosing a good topic to do for an

We either can do literature based project or experimental based project. We
really prefer the experemental based projects because our course is an
expermental microbiology course, so can you help us?

I'll wait for your reply

Thank you!!

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