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Thanks for this reply, it does help me to understand what they are talking 

If the bottle is sealed would it need to be refrigerated before it was 
opened? Would the yeast and other bacteria grow while sealed. Or does this 
mean it would need to be refrigerated and consumed within a few weeks after 

Thank you for your help


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> Dave
> Addition of  lemon juice  will  by degree  lower the pH ( increase the 
> acidity ) of the Aloe vera system. At best your going to get it down to 
> minimum of pH 4.00 (Citric acid) but probabley  the pH will be higher. 
> This action will provide some degree of  preservation in terms of 
> antimicrobial control but I think refrigeration would still be mandatory.
> Acidification to this degree is however unlikely to retard  Yeasts and 
> certain types of bacetrial growth for long periods.
> If you are determined to be chemical free I suggest you  buy frozen 
> concentrate at source and thaw as required.
> Pasteurisation is an option, I dont think that  mild heat treament has any 
> adverse effects on the so called Manones  in Aloe vera
> Best N10
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>> Hi
>> So would lemon juice be enough to preserve the product or would it need 
>> to be processed too?
>> Thanks
>> D
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>>> wrote on 6/24/05 5:04 PM:
>>>> Hi
>>>> After recent BBC and TimesOnline news articles saying how beneficial 
>>>> Aloe
>>>> Vera is I have been trying to find an organic, chemical free supplier.
>>>> I have found one that says they use lemon juice to stabilise their 
>>>> product
>>>> but another manufacturer, (who uses chemicals) says that's impossible
>>>> because as soon as you cut it starts going off. They say it must have 
>>>> been
>>>> heated which destroys most of the nutrients any way.
>>>> I would value some unbiased scientific opinions (preferable in layman's
>>>> terms if possible) on the validity of these statements.
>>>> Hopefully this is the appropriate group to ask.
>>>> Thanks for any input given
>>>> D
>>> All unpreserved juices start to decay as soon as they are taken off the
>>> vine/tree/bush. Lemon juice - actually the Vitamin C, ascorbic acid - is 
>>> a
>>> preservative that prevents oxidation. Herbalife used to sell a "natural"
>>> aloe vera juice that had to be kept refrigerated. I'm not sure if it was
>>> pasteurized or not.
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