[Microbiology] 12 days of Christmas - microbiologically speaking!

John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Thu Dec 8 21:10:46 EST 2005

We received this "Christmas Greeting" from our Infection Control Nurse today!

(sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”)
By Diana Potts

On the first day of admission, the ER gave to me…
     Some Staphylococcus Aureus.
On the second day of admission, my lab tech gave to me…
     Some Streptococcus Veridans.
On the third day of admission, my respiratory therapist gave to me…
     Some Psuedomonas Maltophilia.
On the fourth day of admission, my nurse gave to me…
      Some Enterobacter Aerogenes.
On the fifth day of admission my doctor had to give me…

Five more antibiotics to cover Enterobacter, Psudomonas, Streptococcus, 
and don’t forget the Staph Aureus!)

On the sixth day of admission, my surgeon gave to me…
       Some Methicillin Resistent Staph.
On the seventh day of admission, my housekeeper gave to me…
        Some Aspergillus Fumigatus spores.
On the eight day of admission, my foley came apart…
        And I got a Proteus U.T.I.
On the ninth day of admission, my arteriographer gave to me…
        Some Streptococcus Group A and D.
On the tenth day of admission, my  I.V. wasn’t changed…
        And so I got a bacteremia.
On the eleventh day of admission, my dentist didn’t wear gloves…
        So I gave to him my Hepatitis B.
On the twelfth day of admission, my length of stay was up….
        But I had to stay twelve more days!

Twelve more day, Hepatitis B, Bactermia, Strep A and D, Proteus, 
Adpergillus, Resistent Staph….FIVE MORE ANTIBIOTICS…Enterobacter, 
Psuedomonas, Streptococcus, and don’t forget the Staphylococcus! “

Happy Holidays! Don’t let this be your patient’s Christmas Carole! Have 
a safe and infection free holiday and new year!

John Gentile, MS M(ASCP)
Laboratory Information Manager
Providence, VAMC

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