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  1. [Microbiology] ANNOUNCEMENT: National Academy of Sciences Sackler Tapestry of Life colloquium: 12/12-12/13/05   Cruz, Alyssa
  2. [Microbiology] How to calculate the number of transposon mutants for a genomic library?   JXB
  3. [Microbiology] Filtration problem   Sly_76
  4. [Microbiology] Re: Filtration problem   GS
  5. [Microbiology] Re: Filtration problem   Robert Ferrentino
  6. [Microbiology] Re: Thermal resistance and thermal kill of spores/bacteria   Bob
  7. [Microbiology] Update in Infectious Diseases   Burt, Charlotte
  8. [Microbiology] Staph capsule antisera   adilvaz at gmail.com

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