what was the murderer?

Pablo de la puerta Rojo djsug at caramail.com
Fri Apr 29 19:26:43 EST 2005

I think no bacterium killed your friend's dog, but himself. First it
is surprising that your dude gave this to his pets. Secondly, dogs
have a more acidic stomach than us, they can eat almost everykind of
putrified things, especially meat. Third, they died in 10 hours, which
is quite quick. I think your friend poisoned his dogs, maybe because
they started to have an important place in the government. But beside
that...Let me know...... Your friend is communist, isn't he? I knew
The other solution is a toxin producing bacterium, which I doubt.
Unbury the dogs, put a piece of stomach and intestine on carbonic ice
and amplify directly 16S rRNA. It's giving good results and you might
find a serial dog killer.

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