Why is Streptomycin less effective against gram-positive bacteria?

Larry D. Farrell farrlarr at isu.edu
Wed Apr 13 21:31:31 EST 2005

This exact question has just been addressed in sci.bio.microbiology.

Jenny Gibbs wrote:
> I'm an A-Level Biology student and am in the middle of a Microbiology 
> coursework.
> I had to research and compare the effectiveness of Streptomycin against a 
> gram positive (Staphylococcus albus) and a gram-negative (E.coli) bacteria. 
> I found that Streptomycin was significantly more effective against the 
> gram-negative strain, a pattern supported by background research.  I know 
> that Streptomycin works by inhibiting protein synthesis but can't see why 
> this would be more effective against gram negatives than gram positives, 
> particularly given the fact that gram-negatives have the second outer 
> membrane to inhibit the entry of chemicals into a cell.
> Can anyone help please?
> I will make due reference to any help in the Bibliography section of the 
> coursework.
> Many thanks.
> Jenny 

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