Nucleotide coding for organismal traits/processes

Brandon chefaudet at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 01:43:33 EST 2004

> Brandon,
> The promoter and the start codon are unrelated. The former is the
> recognition site for starting RNA synthesis; the latter is the start
> site for protein synthesis (and is basically irrelevant to RNA
> synthesis, thus is irrelevant to what you are asking).
> The promoter is long enough to adequately deal with the problem. That
> is, you have properly described the problem. Not surprisingly, biology
> has figured it out. The promoter is asymmetric, and is long
> enough/rare enough that (most) transcription only starts in the right
> places.
> Once an mRNA has been made, a simple model is that translation then
> starts at the first start codon. Actually, in the real world it is
> more complex than that, but that is a simple idea to start with.
> Do you have any molecular biology or microbiology book?
> bob
Thanks, that is helpfull in clearing up some of my problems.  Unfortunately, 
this is just a "topics" class and not one that goes into the sort of detail 
that I would like to see in a science class.  So I have neither a molecular 
biology or microbiology book.  I must say though, that the class has my 
interest peaked. I hadn't considered biology as a major since highschool, 
but have considered it since starting this class. (currently working toward 
a business degree)


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