Nucleotide coding for organismal traits/processes

Brandon chefaudet at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 20 13:04:03 EST 2004

"Larry Farrell" <farrlarr at isu.edu> wrote in message 
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> That information will be addressed clearly in your text, or your 
> instructor can quickly direct you to an appropriate resource.  That is 
> what both are there for.
In fact it is not, at least not so far as we have been taught.  This class 
is an examination in topics of biology and the prof. is an entomologist to a 
microbiologist.  The answers received for the questions asked are adequate 
only for the purpose of exams in the class and the level of understanding 
necessary to pass, not for the more literal understanding that I am looking 
for.  Otherwise I would not have posted the question here.

But thanks for the reply.


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