metabolic activity determination

Lesley Robertson l.a.robertson at tnw.tudelft.nl
Thu Oct 7 09:47:56 EST 2004

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> hii all i resently join this group and hope will have very good
> intrection oon future.
> i m working on biofilm.  i want to know how i can determine metabolic
> state of organism after exposerof it to verious enviromental
> condition. we have confocal microscope so one can sujest me some
> fluresence mediated detection also.
What sort of biofilm? Photosynthetic? Nitrifying? How thick is it? Is it 
flat or on sand? The type of organisms will make a big difference in the 
type of measurements you make to monitor metabolic activity.
We used microelectrodes (usually pH and oxygen) to monitor activity at 
different levels within biofilms, but without a bit more detail, it's hard 
to know what to suggest.
Lesley Robertson

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