sanitizing hairbrushes . . .

Tock tock at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 30 23:50:56 EST 2004

"N10" <limbic_lesion at hotmail.com> wrote
> You might try formulations based on  70 % Industrial Propyl Alcohol.
> Best N10

Ya, I did some more looking around, and it turns out that this company's 
little half-ounce cube of paraformaldehyde doesn't put out much gaseous 
formeldehyde, and the gas won't penetrate into the inner parts of a hair 
duster brush, so that won't work at all.

Although it would work pretty well, I'm not comfortable will cleaning 
brushes in alcohol, because the vapors from drying the brushes would be both 
toxic and flammable.

So, I guess I gotta find some other sort of brush to use on people that (1) 
isn't uncomfortable, (2) isn't dangerous, and (3) won't ruin the brush.  1st 
try will be some cheap paintbrushes and the usual Barbicide (quats) and 
water . . . hope I can find something that will work . . .



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