sanitizing hairbrushes . . .

Tock tock at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 30 15:59:07 EST 2004


Anyone have any idea where I can find information about sanitizing 
hairbrushes like the ones they use in barbershops to dust off the hair after 
a haircut?

I'm about to open up a barbershop, and I have information on sanitizing 
other things, like towels and combs and clippers, but I've discovered that 
the usual hair dusters like these 
http://www.bestclippers.com/mastupnedu53.html  fall apart pretty quick in 
autoclaves and after getting wet with quats.
  I presume the best way to sanitze these things would be to use a 
paraformaldehyde product like this    http://www.sterifab.com/steridri.html 
which has about 1/2 ounce of paraformaldehyde which slowly decomposes into 
formaldehyde gas and zaps unfriendly bugs . . .

  What I'd like to find is information about how much formaldehyde gas is 
generated from a 1/2 ounce of paraformaldehyde, and how much time it would 
take this much gas to effectively sanitize three dozen brushes in an 
airtight box.   I wrote to the sterifab people, and all they can tell me is 
that it would take 24 hours, but they can't cite any studies or explain why. 
The state barber and cosmetology people haven't a clue, either, which is 
surprising, because they're supposed to regulate this stuff to make sure 
haircutters are conducting their business in a safe and sanitary manner.

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone can point me to information that 
can tell me about sanitizing hairbrushes with paraformaldehyde . . .



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