SEQTools. a free software suite for sequence handling and analysis.

S.W. Rasmussen swr at seqtools.dk
Tue Nov 30 13:39:33 EST 2004

***  SEQTools version 8.2.097 released ***

SEQTools is a comprehensive, user-friendly software package for handling and
analysis of nucleotide and protein sequences.

SEQTools is a stand-alone Windows program designed to serve as the core
application for small and medium sized research groups which do not have
access to a dedicated bioinformatics department.

SEQTools has evolved in close cooperation with its about 1,000 users around
the world and is a very responsive software package, always open to user

SEQTools can be used free of charge for as long as you wish provided you
keep you registration alive by renewing your license every 60 days.

SEQTools runs on windows 2000 and XP systems - and informs you when program
updates are available to make sure that your installation is always up to

In addition to trivial functions like complementing, translation,
restriction enzyme analysis, renaming, removal of vector from raw sequence
produced by auto-sequencers, etc. SEQTools...

...has context-sensitive help for most functions
...accepts sequences in most formats
...handles and analyses up to 10-20,000 sequences in a single project
...stores sequence annotation in a virtual data-base
...includes extensive options for search and retrieval of sequence
...includes advanced options for listing sequences contained in a project
...performs batch blast search at NCBI or on user created local databases
...auto-retrieve sequence annotation from Entrez
...performs sequence clustering with three different methods
...performs sequence alignments with Clustalw (and X)
...post-processes alignments with t-coffee, GeneDoc and TreeView
...performs local blasting of project sequences with a single key stroke
...includes facilities for EST sequence handling and publication
...includes facilities for design and handling of oligonucleotide
...provide extensive email-based user support
...welcomes your suggestions for new functions

I believe that you will discover that SEQTools is a very flexible program
with smooth linking of the various functions enabeling you to carry out
complex analyses on sequences contained in a project with just a few

You can read more about SEQTools and download the setup file (12 Mb) at

 S.W. Rasmussen

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