Holothurin & Holotoxin from Sea Cucumbers??

Uncle Al UncleAl0 at hate.spam.net
Tue Nov 23 11:13:21 EST 2004

"Toxic Tom G." wrote:
> I have some questions that I can't find by Googling:
> 1.  Sea cucumbers are widely reported to produce holothurin
> and holotoxin when threatened, dying, or spawning.
> Does anyone know the LD50 for these toxins...how toxic
> complared to other biotoxins?
> 2.  I've read that, since the Sea cucumber (like Sea Apple)
> contains these toxins within their body: a. a person could simply
> blender the creature in menthanol; b.the menthanol would absorb
> the toxins; c. filter the solids out, and d. reduce the liquid
> to some type of powder or other concentrate.
> Does anyone have any experience doing this?
> One source said the toxin could be destroyed by boiling...how warm
> can one make the liquid without affecting the toxins?
> One source said the toxin worked via ingestion and another said
> that stomach acids kill the toxins.  Does anyone have a definitive
> answer?


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Uncle Al
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