Holothurin & Holotoxin from Sea Cucumbers??

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Dear Toxic Tom G:

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>I have some questions that I can't find by Googling:
> 1.  Sea cucumbers are widely reported to produce holothurin
> and holotoxin when threatened, dying, or spawning.
> Does anyone know the LD50 for these toxins...how toxic
> complared to other biotoxins?

... looks like google provided a hit for holothurin, table 2

Lots more hits (79) requiring
holotoxin ld50

> 2.  I've read that, since the Sea cucumber (like Sea Apple)
> contains these toxins within their body: a. a person could simply
> blender the creature in menthanol; b.the menthanol would absorb
> the toxins; c. filter the solids out, and d. reduce the liquid
> to some type of powder or other concentrate.

Note that the stuff (holothurin) is not toxic to humans, according to the 
literature I've read.  So it may take more than all the toxin in a single 
creature to make a "dent".

David A. Smith 

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