Yeast-Two-Hybrid System - Some questions

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There's a lot of papers on this in medline isn't there?


Michael Reiter wrote:

> Hi!
> STAT.......Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription
> SH2.........Src Homology
> Stats are the only known Transcriptionfactors containing a SH2 domain. Thus 
> the Signal transducing pathway is very short, since STATs are directly 
> activated by JAKs (Janus Kinases). Jaks are Receptors that do not 
> phosphorylate themselves but the STATs. Those STATs recognize each other via 
> their SH2 domain for Dimerization. (SH2 domains allow recognition of 
> tyrosinphosphates which are generated by the JAKs).
> Hope this helps you!
> bye
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>>I can't help you but would appreciate your explaining the terms:
>>         STAT
>>         SH2
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