Yeast-Two-Hybrid System - Some questions

Michael Reiter michael_reiter at gmx.net
Fri Nov 19 03:34:38 EST 2004

STAT.......Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription

SH2.........Src Homology

Stats are the only known Transcriptionfactors containing a SH2 domain. Thus 
the Signal transducing pathway is very short, since STATs are directly 
activated by JAKs (Janus Kinases). Jaks are Receptors that do not 
phosphorylate themselves but the STATs. Those STATs recognize each other via 
their SH2 domain for Dimerization. (SH2 domains allow recognition of 
tyrosinphosphates which are generated by the JAKs).

Hope this helps you!
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> Mike;
> I can't help you but would appreciate your explaining the terms:
>          STAT
>          SH2
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