Yeast-Two-Hybrid System - Some questions

Michael Reiter michael_reiter at gmx.net
Mon Nov 15 14:37:46 EST 2004

Im a student in Genetics from Austria. Im not using Newsgroups very 
frequently but after spending hours on the Internet searching for an answer 
to my question I finally choose this method to find what I´m looking for.
I hope some of you can hap me with this:

Why is it difficult to assay STAT/STAT Interaction with a classical Yeast - 
Two - Hybrid System?

- Is it because of the SH2 Domains, that STATs have?   (other 
Transcriptionfactors do not have SH2 domains)
  This implys that STATs have to be phosphyraleted for Dimerisation.

- Or is it because STATs must form Dimers to be translocated into the 
nucleus. If this is the case I do not understand why, since I think it does 
not matter whether Dimerisation happens before or after Translocation into 
the nucleus.????

If anybody has the correct answer to my question or any suggestions please 
help me.

Thank you

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