systemic infection murine model

Yoon Eun-jeong mythhere at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 13 02:44:09 EST 2004

I'm a student in a master course and study of antimicrobial agents.

nowadays, i study of in vivo screening of new antimicrobial agents. also, i 
wanna do some in vivo study with the agents for in vivo systemic infection 

i've seen that ICR mice(swiss albino mice) are used for the in vivo test 
because of 5 reasons in text. 4 of them looks not so important ones, since, 
they are about the problem of costs or supply. however one of them looks 
very important for me. the one is "swiss albino is good for study of the 
relationship of infection and antimicrobial agent activity"

i did not know about them until now. and i've done the pre-test and have 
some data. i did do the works with some papers of balb/c systemic infection 

do u think that i have to do all the works with icr again?
or can i use the data with balb/c?

고.. 감.. 도.. 사.. 랑.. 만.. 들.. 기.. MSN 러브   


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