Excerpt: Gina Smith's "The Genomics Age"

Steve O'Keefe excerptsnews at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 9 15:04:43 EST 2004

I have permission from AMACOM to distribute an excerpt from 
Gina Smith's new book, "The Genomics Age." The excerpt is a 
brief, plain-English guide to stem cell research, including 
a breakthrough in parthenogenic cloning that may provide a 
socially-acceptable path to stem cell research for the 
treatment of Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, 
diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and osteoporosis.

Smith is a science writer and former ABC News technology 
correspondent. For "The Genomics Age," she conducted 
exclusive interviews with 23 of the leading authorities in 
the field, such as James D. Watson, Francis Collins, and 
Cynthia Kenyon. Somehow, she pares their observations to 
the minimum while covering the major issues of controversy: 
controlling cancer, retarding aging, diagnosing "defects," 
cloning humans, DNA fingerprinting, DNA discrimination, and 
genetically-enhanced babies. An example of her isolation of 
plain-English answers to complex questions comes from this 
interview with Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology 
regarding resistance to stem cell research: "...as soon as 
we can show that we can cure diabetes in dogs, people will 
clamor for this."

To get the excerpt from "The Genomics Age," send 
mailto:excerptsnews at bellsouth.net with the subject line 
"Send Genomics" and I will reply with the text -- and 
*only* the text -- no opt-in mailing list jive or other 
cancerous communications. Thank you.

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