Yearning Young Mind

Matt kimosabe06 at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 22:40:59 EST 2004


I have recently read "The Hot Zone" by Richard Preston, and several
other books concerning deadly viruses including "Virus Ground Zero",
"Ebola", and "Virus Hunter". I am currently reading "Man and
Microbes". I also have a textbook called "Basic Microbiology" that I
am reading (somewhat sporadically though).

I was wondering if you had any other ideas for books that give a good
glimpse into Microbiology. I know that you might think that I am just
some kid who read "The Hot Zone" and thinks he likes Microbiology, or
that I am only interested in deadly viruses. But I am truly interested
in the field and want to learn about what really goes on.

Any book ideas would be greatly helpful. I feel like my mind is a
sponge when I'm reading these books!


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