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cleanest way to WASH DISHES??? help!

barb28 barb28 at rock.com
Mon May 17 22:02:27 EST 2004

I have a "how to wash pots" question.

This may seem trivial, but I am volunteering to work
in a hospice (i.e. home for people about to die), and will
be washing dishes.

We have a big metal pot (I think its aluminum). Sometimes
I have noticed on pots that little pieces of food, like
dried meat for instance, or maybe part of a speck of a dried
bean, will be clinging to the pot.

Even after washing it in hot water, and scrubbing very

My question is, how dangerous is this? I remember my uncle
always telling me at home "make sure there are no specks left!"
because everybody will get sick he said.

Yes, this may seem trivial, but people that have cancer and
have been through chemo really don't need any more health

As anyone who has ever washed dishes will tell you, some
specks of dried stuff are harder to get off than others.

I thought about, after washing the dishes, to fill the pots
and pans up with water, and boil that sucker for about an
hour. I tried this, and some of the specks were still left.
But is it safer now that I have boiled it?

Any input would be appreciated. I know nothing about the 
"proper" way to wash dishes, other than what I learned at home.

I had a very hard time, believe it or not, trying to find
information about this on the internet.

Also, one last question, is the purpose of those chef's hats,
like the french chefs wear, is that to keep out germs, kind of
like hair netting? just curious.

Please post your reply publicly. 


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