Scott Coutts scott.coutts at med.monash.edu.au
Fri May 7 20:12:52 EST 2004

tomgar at wp.pl wrote:
> I have a big problem with pFPV25.1 vector ! I haven't got its precise
> restriction map. i have only general map of pFPV25 vector , it is
> "father" of pFPV25.1 and it is without promoter  .I must recut GFP
> (green fluorescent protein ) gene sequence from pFPV25.1(including
> its promoter) . I will be grateful for any information about this
> vector.[. thanks

If you do a literature search, you should be able to find the first 
instance of publication of the vector, and contact the people who 
developed it for a map.


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