MS Excel based microbiology software

Microbiology Support Group biolaboratory at modernlaboratory.us
Mon Mar 29 15:28:47 EST 2004

An illustrated software for MS Excel and microbiology work is now available. Microbiological calculations and growth curve charts are shown directly in MS Excel. You can download a software at:

http://www.modernlaboratory.us/ (select Download on menu bar)

This microbiology system speeds up a work of various fields: general microbiology, environmental microbiology, soil microbiology, water microbiology, food microbiology, gene technology and functional genomics, medical and pharmaceutical microbiology, antibiotic development, biofilters, anaerobic work, yeast studies, bioassay, fermentation, bioreactors, agricultural microbiology and plant cell culture, veterinary microbiology, phage culturing, beer and wine microbiology, cell biology, industrial microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology and biodefense microbiology.

Almost any strain and any broth can be used.

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