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auntie_biotic auntie_biotic at tbandu.co.uk
Sun Mar 21 10:59:38 EST 2004

Des I agree I should get over it, but because of med side effects, I lost my
employment, maxed out my credit cards so as I could jump the waiting lists
and been seen privately to pay for x-rays and blood test etc.  That's how I
got second opinion.  Not only emotionally but financially has my life been
affected.  I was so called "Extremely ill " for almost three years.  That is
a bit chunk out of my life.
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> > I was having a life till one of my sputum from the lab was returned as
> > mycobacterium chelonea. That led to treatment and possibility of
> > Later found out sputum was contaminated in laboratory.
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> > > Dude, get a life.
> > >
> > >
> >
> >
> Auntie
> You appear to have been very unlucky and no doubt have experienced  some
> misery in relation to the history you relay.
> However there is some wisdom in MIke's comment....all that which occured
> in the past for you, may be its wise to  just to get on with life and
> it. DEWLLING ON MISFORTUNE  never pays off in joy.
> JUst what would have to happen for you to be at peace ?
> DEs

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