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auntie_biotic auntie_biotic at tbandu.co.uk
Fri Mar 19 22:01:41 EST 2004

I have been TWICE WRONGLY diagnosed with tuberculosis.
I was diagnosed with tuberculosis initially, then diagnosed with "atypical
tuberculosis" then diagnosed with mycobacterium chelonae infection. The
treatment was 20 tabs per day made up of tuberculosis meds and oral
I was then told part of my lung needed to be removed.
I was then told after CT scan one whole lung needed to be removed.
I was then told disease in BOTH lungs and inoperable.
No mention of lung transplant was made.  I sought second opinion. Told the
side effects was suffering from medication were all in my mind. No both lung
infection, no single lung infection, no part lung infection.  No need for
surgery or medication at all.

Turns out the sputum's I was told were positive were in fact all

No tuberculosis, no infection of any sort.  Also I found out the following.
I was treated for nine months for tuberculosis in 1992.  Found out from my
medical records that all eight sputa at the time had been contaminated in
the laboratory hence tb was never proved then.

No either I have been unlucky twice or ??????????(leave that you all)

After went for counselling and more or less told it was just a mistake, then
told exaggerating, then told perhaps I should voluntarily section myself as
I have a complex about doctors that I have been misdiagnosed twice is
unbelievable and so on........

No apology from anyone.  I am so angry.

So I began my own website, built by myself, my own time and money.  NO
SPONSORS, for built for layman- non doctors.

T B and U (short for tuberculosis and you)

Leave a message on my message board to ask any questions.

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