modeling the Silicon-based life

Amirsaman amirsaman_s at yahoo.ca
Mon Mar 8 19:02:02 EST 2004

I am really interested in a possible model for the silicon-based life.
So, could you please help me with these questions and also share
anything you possibly think could help me in modeling a silicon-based
  Thank you 
Lets assume there exists a silicon-based life:
#1. what are the most common chemical reactions that we would observe
in a silicon-based life?
#2. What are the candidate substances for getting oxidized or reduced
in order for life to get carried on with?
#3.What are the important building blocks of such life?
#4. What sort of chain could possibly have the same task as a DNA
#5. What temperature range would such life sorm at?
#6. Is SiCl4 the best possible solvent that could be used in such
 Also, could you introduce me to possible book or references which
could further explain this topic ?
  Thank you

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