Changes of pH by E. coli in water/sugar solution

Lutz E. Lutz.essers at web.de
Fri Jun 25 08:01:56 EST 2004

> check, sugar fermentation.
> This will solve your problem.

I was not shure about fermentation, because I thought that trehalose
can not be used by Bacteria (it was not mentioned in my Biochemical
Pathways index). Now I have found this pathway somewhere else. One
more question: There are several possibilities for acidification. What
is the normal reason to explain changes in pH? Protons, CO2,
lactate,..? And one last question: We see a linear increase in
conductivity with using Glucose. If we use e.g. mannitol or saccarose
we see a lower increase at first, after 120 min a stronger increase
and after 180 min again only a low increase. Is it like it is written
in school books: Do some enzymes have to be made first? If yes, what
happends after 180 min?

Thanks again,

     Lutz Essers  / Lutz.Essers at web.de

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