Hydrothermal Systems, Stromatolites, Bacterial Concretions and Nasa's Big Lie!

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> > There are abundant locations on Mars to search for water, but
> > hematite further reduces the search to areas likely to have
> > underground water and hot springs. And to areas showing ideal
> > conditions for life and fossil preservation.
> >
> > They have found everything they could have expected at
> > Meridiani. The Big Clue is that the hematite is concentrated
> > in the spheres, yet little is in the soil. Another is the unprecedented
> > volume of spheres and laminated rocks found. Combined with
> > the highly uniform intra-populations sizes, a non-living
> > explanation for Meridiani is highly unlikely.
> >
> > The question now is whether Nasa is simply being
> > conservative by dramatically downplaying the
> > capabilities and discoveries of this mission. Or
> > if they are willing to let the mission end as is
> > as a hedge to insure the coveted sample
> > return mission.
> >
> > For Nasa to hide the discovery of extraterrestrial life
> > would be the  'Biggest Lie'  in the history of science!
> > Galileo v. The Holy Inquisition would be a minor
> > travesty in comparison.
> >
> > Nasa should not be allowed to have a Vatican-like grip
> > on such ...universal... discovery.
> >
> Can you think of a few reasons NASA would want to hide this? Maybe to keep it
> from other countries? Maybe to set up secret labs? Might cause social upheaval,
> doubt it?

It  might be a problem for the coveted sample return mission. If they
have the answers now why spend billions and wait until ....2016.... for the
samples to be returned?

My fear is that Nasa is content to milk this thing for all it's worth. They've
repeatedly insisted this is a rock hunt and the needed equipment
to 'prove' life is not on the rovers. None of that is true as I documented
in the above post. Most of the quotes in the post are from the
following researcher.

"Currently, Jack is the Director and Principal Investigator of the
NASA funded Astrobiology Program at Arizona State University,
he leads the NASA Astrobiology Institute's Mars Focus Group
and is on the Executive Board of the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

They went looking for, and expecting, to find just what ...they found.
Only so much of it that everyone looks past the obvious. Meridiani
is a field of bacterial mats and concretions....fossilized...the size of

We are seeing the very ecosystem responsible for the first life
on earth. The Garden of Eden....literally...scientifically it is!

And only Nasa is allowed to see the data, the public is
not invited...not permitted...to know what they are

That's not right!

This isn't some incremental scientific advance the
inventors need to protect. This is a universal
and timeless discovery.

It's a search for truth....so Nasa....tell us the TRUTH!
Release the data. They won't though because they
think the data is their property. To use to enhance
long careers.

They are wrong. This discovery belongs to all.



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