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earle vanpoucke luveniarooneyjoy at daws.every1.net
Thu Jun 10 15:04:54 EST 2004

strasza  wordperfekcie przesunieciu

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A man who wanted to rest on the ground used a jar as a pillow. It was so
hard that he asked his servant to staff it with feathers to make it soft. A
pupil was talking about the recent fire in his school. "I knew it was going
to happen." he said, "Because we've been practicing for it all
year".Computer manufacturers are considering changing the instructional
words "Press Any Key" to "Press Return Key", because too many people have
been calling to ask where the "Any" key is.
Before traveling to London on business, an American drove his Rolls Royce
to a bank in the middle of New York to ask for a loan of $5000. He left his
rolls-Royce as collateral. The loan officer accepted and had the car driven
down into the the bank's underground car park for safekeeping. He then
handed the businessman $5000.Two weeks later, the American came back from
London and he went to the bank to return his loan and bring back his car.
"That will be $5000 plus $15.40 in interest," said the loan officer. The man
wrote a cheque and started to walk away."Wait a minute, sir" said the bank
man. "While you were away, I discovered that you are a millionaire. Why in
the world do you need to borrow $5000?"The man smiled. "Where else in New
York could I park my Rolls-Royce for two weeks for only $15.40?" 


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