Hydrothermal Systems, Stromatolites, Bacterial Concretions and Nasa's Big Lie!

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> There are abundant locations on Mars to search for water, but
> hematite further reduces the search to areas likely to have
> underground water and hot springs. And to areas showing ideal
> conditions for life and fossil preservation.
> They have found everything they could have expected at
> Meridiani. The Big Clue is that the hematite is concentrated
> in the spheres, yet little is in the soil. Another is the unprecedented
> volume of spheres and laminated rocks found. Combined with
> the highly uniform intra-populations sizes, a non-living
> explanation for Meridiani is highly unlikely.
> The question now is whether Nasa is simply being
> conservative by dramatically downplaying the
> capabilities and discoveries of this mission. Or
> if they are willing to let the mission end as is
> as a hedge to insure the coveted sample
> return mission.
> For Nasa to hide the discovery of extraterrestrial life
> would be the  'Biggest Lie'  in the history of science!
> Galileo v. The Holy Inquisition would be a minor
> travesty in comparison.
> Nasa should not be allowed to have a Vatican-like grip
> on such ...universal... discovery.

Can you think of a few reasons NASA would want to hide this? Maybe to keep it
from other countries? Maybe to set up secret labs? Might cause social upheaval,
doubt it?

> Jonathan

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