Preparing thin specimens for slides... help!

S.J.C gps at scientia.com.au
Mon Jun 7 04:39:35 EST 2004

Nitrobacter wrote:

> Hey everyone. I'm working on a project about lichen symbiosis, and I'm 
> trying to prepare slides of the lichen thallus for investigation. 
> Unfortunately, I can't get the slices thin enough to view properly. I 
> need slices a few cells thick, nearly transparent. I'm using one of 
> those flimsy steel razor blades, and it seems to be doing alright.
> Does anyone know any strategies for making really thin slices of a 
> specimen? Thanks a bunch!
> -Nitrobacter

I think you need to find someone that has a microtome. You can embed 
your samples in parafin or some other embedding medium and then cut 
slices from teh block. You can make them as thin as you like then, and 
they'll be much nicer to look at.


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