Cloudy DNA

Louis Hom lhom at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Aug 24 07:29:46 EST 2004

As mentioned by the other poster, it may be easier just to buy a purer 
preparation.  Depending on your application, sonication will probably not 
be the best solution, since you will likely end up shearing your DNA into 
much smaller fragments.

If you really want to clean up the DNA you already have, you might 
consider treating it like a viral DNA prep -- SDS + proteinase K treatment 
followed by phenol and phenol/chloroform extractions, with a finishing 
ethanol precipitation.  (It wasn't clear from your post if you include 
chloroform in your phenol extraction steps -- it makes the separation of 
the layers much easier and helps to decrease sample loss.)  The viral DNA 
approach will take the better part of an afternoon, but should give nice 
Lou Hom >K'93			     
lhom at ocf.berkeley.edu		

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