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Dear Madam and Sir,

Six weeks before representatives from politics, science and industry will 
meet on occasion of ABIC2004, the WTO has set the benchmark for the coming 
years, eliminating subsidies of agriculture in industrialized nations. 
The day, July 31, 2004, may go down in history as the day the World Trade 
Organization (WTO) found its teeth - a discovery that will have broad and 
long-lasting implications for the future of AgBiotechnology - not to mention 
farmers, industrialists, and consumers in both the industrialized and developing 

It was on that date that the 147 nations that make up the WTO tentatively 
agreed that the governments of industrialized nations will slash the massive 
and distortive subsidies they pay to farmers in their countries if the 
governments of developing countries get out of the way of the free flow 
for industrial products and services in eliminating customs-duties. The 
agreement came about in no small part thanks to the emergence of the G20 
group of developing countries as a viable counterbalance to the industrialized 
nations of the United States, Japan, and the European Union.

Subsidies can only be removed, of course, if European farmers become more 

In order to meet the challenge of global competitiveness, Europe will have 
to reconsider its currently rather restrictive GM policy towards AgBiotechnology, 
which has been demonstrated in numerous studies to be the most efficient 
tool to streamline the efficiency of agricultural businesses.

This year's ABIC2004 will be the perfect time and place to get yourself 
first-hand information and valuable contacts in this powerfully emerging 
new market.

Register online under www.abic2004.org to meet people from all over the 
world. 34 nations from developing as well as developed countries are already 

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