Release of "Respiration in Archaea and Bacteria" Edited by Davide Zannoni

Govindjee gov at uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 16 14:45:12 EST 2004

Dear All:

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the publication of the
following book of interest to microbiology, biochemistry, bacterial
molecular biology, biotechnology  and to bioenergetics:

"Respiration in Archaea and Bacteria: Diversity of Prokaryotic Electron
Transport Carriers", edited by Davide Zannoni.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

The book is Volume 15 in the Series "Advances in Photosynthesis and
Respiration" (ISBN: 1-42020-2001-5).

 It has 7 color plates; 326 pages;
13 chapters; subject index, species index, and gene and gene product

Authors  for the 13 chapters are (in order) : Jose Castresana (Spain) ;
Takao-Yagi et al.(USA) ; Jason W. Cooley et al. (USA and France) ; C.Roy
D. Lancaster (Germany); Junshi Sakamoto and Nobuhito Sone (Japan) ; Jeff
Abramson et al.(UK) ; Peter Brezinski et al.(Sweden) ; Maki Hyashi and
Tsutomu Unemoto (Japan) ; Alastair et al.(Australia) ; Christopher
Anthony (UK) ; Elisabeth Enggist and Linda Thony-Meyer(Switzerland) ;
Guanghui Wu et al.(UK and Mexico) , Jeong-ll Oh and Samuel Kaplan (USA)

The   web site for information on this  book is:

Please pass this info. to other faculty interested in this area in
your department/program, and to your libraries.

Volume 16 will be continuation of volume 15; volumes 17 and 18 will deal
with "Plant Respiration"

I thank you for your indulgence.

Series Editor, Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration

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Part 3 of the History Issues of "Photosynthesis Research" will be
published in Volume 80(2004). --------


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