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Qualifying for a m0ney grant is simple...

See if this works for you - see us t0day:

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I can let you have it back, end of the month, he said.I had my doubts, but we needed a break. And Cath kept telling me to take it easy, reminding me what the doctor had said at my last medical about working too hard. We arranged to visit with Jim and Marion for a couple of days, then drive down to Chicago.What? When I'm sober, you mean? That's all we ever hear from you isn't it. Well I'm fine and it looks like my baby brother here is fine too. Got the business, got the wife, now he's gonna have the kid too, to round the whole thing off. Just forget about the money, Billy. It's your loss.Jim pulled open the fridge.Please Jim, she said. Not now. Her spindly fingers scuttled to her neck and she gave Cath a shy little hug, like it mightn't be accepted.After we'd put in our order, Cath looked around the restaurant. Where's the ladies' room, Marion?


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