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Contaminated water bottled & Sold by Safeway

Bob xyzbbruner at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Fri May 9 00:28:47 EST 2003

On Fri, 09 May 2003 02:07:19 GMT, "G.M.Voeth"
<None at NoEmailsByThisRoute.123> wrote:

>I am posting here just to find some answers.
>Awhile ago I purchased a 1 gallon plastic
>jug of drinking water sold by Safeway as
>a Safeway Brand. It went into storage for
>two to three weeks before being used.
>Just the other day I cracked the seal
>and poured a mug of water and there was
>this white fibrous, filamentous mass
>suspended in the water. I thought that
>was odd so I dumped it out and poured
>another mug. To my surprise there was
>even more of the stuff. So I held the jug
>up to the light and I could see a lot
>of this stuff floating around in what was a
>sealed container. I called Safeway and they
>took down a bunch of information and everything
>but said nothing at all about analyzing the
>contamination to see what it is. So that is why
>I am here now trying to find out what kind
>of bacteria will grow and thrive in what is
>supposed to be filtered drinking water.
>This cottony looking stuff might be
>quite dangerous but no one is willing
>to test it to see what it is and I am
>living on Social Security so I do not
>have enough money to pay a laboratory
>to test it. On the chance that someone
>here is thoroughly familiar with different
>kinds of biohazards I ask this question:
>What kinds of bacteria might be living
>in bottled water that matches this description ?
>Are they dangerous or are they common or
>just what is the story about bacteria living
>in everyday drinking water ?
>One other thing, this gallon of water was
>well within the expiration date indicated
>on the jug of SEP21. I had another unopened
>bottle with the very same date and it was A-Ok.

call your local public health dept and ask them for advice.

What's wrong with your regular water? In most places, the local water
company sells and distributes high quality water. It's cheaper and
safer than who-knows-what in a bottle.


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