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Joanne joann3remove at remove.tm.net
Sat Mar 22 16:07:49 EST 2003

no. i'm sorry. i'm still very confused on this. i'm not very good at
microbiology, but its a prerequisite in my course. i surfed the net just now
to find out how they would describe the pathogenecity of a virus, and i got
something like this:

"PATHOGENICITY: Infection, occurs mostly in children, causing mild, usually
nonfebrile, viral disease with erythematous eruption characterized by a
striking erythema of the cheeks and a lacy red rash on the trunk and limbs;
symptoms resolve in 7-10 days; 25% of the infections are asymptomatic;
severe complications are unusual, but anaemic patients may develop transient
aplastic crisis; intrauterine infection may cause fetal anaemia; severe
anaemia in the immunosuppressed; protection conferred with development of
antibodies. "

i had an idea that it was supposed to be something like salmonella having
exotoxins and sideropores to invade the host, or e.coli having enterotoxins
that can deregulate cyclic nucleotide activity, as all this contribute to
the fact that the bacteria is able to produce the disease in an animal. but
according to the description here, it means i have to describe the clinical
signs produced by the particular pathogen. so i am very confused.
but thanks for replying anyway.

"John Gentile" <yjgent at cox.net> wrote in message
news:20030321210458227-0500 at news.east.cox.net...
> In <3e7ba4c1_2 at news.tm.net.my> Joanne wrote:
> > hi. i'm taking basic microbiology this semester, and i'm wondering if
> > any of you can clear up something for me. what do you mean by
> > pathogenicity of a virus? the dictionary states it as the ability of
> > the virus to cause disease. but how do i describe it? for example, if
> > i were asked to describe the pathogenicity of equine herpesvirus type
> > 1, what am i supposed to say? i'm very confused. thanks
> >
> This concept will apply to bacteria also. We are all exposed to
> microorganisms yet seldom get sick from them. You can quantitate the
> number of people or animals who are exposed vs. the number who fall ill
> to the infection. You can also quantitate the number of fatalities in
> the population that does get sick.
> Does that help?
> John

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