Recipe for Erythromycin plates?

rajendrap10 at yahoo.com rajendrap10 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 21:45:49 EST 2003

Greg Stuart wrote:

> Hello:  Would someone kindly email me a recipe for the preparation of
> erythromycin agar plates (for yeast, these plates generally  contain 4
> milligrams/ml of eryrthromycin) ?

> Also, could you include instructions regarding the preparation of the
> ethrythromycin stock solution (including the chemical form - e.g. free
> base or salt; solvent; concentration and storage of stock solution)?

> Any replies plus tips greatly appreciated. I will post a summary of
> responses received, if any useful replies.

> Sincerely, Greg Stuart   :-)

Hi Gret Stuart.
Preperation of stock solution:For prepering any concentration use only 10 percent methanol and phosphate buffer of 0.01M, pH 8.0.Disolve erythromycin base in methanol and then make up volume by buffer.
Also for prepering agar plates add, after autoclave in the srerilized medium, Erythromycin solution prepared in methanol


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