carbon dating for age determination

Mydogatemypw mydogatemypw at aol.com
Sat Jun 28 15:49:04 EST 2003

I obtained this explanation of carbon dating by entering "faq and "carbon
dating"" into yahoo, however I'm still unclear on some points.

--- from faq on carbon dating ---

All organic compounds contain isotopes of carbon; namely carbon 12 and carbon
14. C12 is stable, and its' quantity remains constant over time. C14, however,
will degrade by a known factor over time to form C12. This change in the
quantity of C14 can be measured, and is proportional to C12, based on the age
of the material being tested. Thus, the age can be determined by the ratio of
C12 to C14. 

--- end from faq on C dating ---

If a ceramic bowl is made today thru conventional methods and another was made
1000 years ago pretty much the same way, then how can carbon dating be used
to age the two artifacts?

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