Whale Evolution - Hind limbs on whales

Sharon sharon at skeptical-christian.net
Wed Jun 11 11:18:52 EST 2003


Edward T. Babinski (Duke Furman University) has produced an extraordinary
article which is now on the web, concerning hind limbs on whales. Some
creationist scientists have claimed that no photographs exist, and that its
merely a myth invented by evolutionists.

One of the sources he produced affirmed a 4½ ft. limb found on one whale.

The article is yet missing one picture which he has yet to send, when done,
it will be added into the article.

The myth that transitional fossils do not exist went bust:
with gratitude to WGBH-Boston/PBS for their contribution.
(Includes incredible new photographic evidence for whale evolution,
which various creationist groups have denied existed.)
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