How much resolution do I need for a microscope?

JEDilworth bactitech at nospamhortonsbay.com
Tue Jun 10 00:01:03 EST 2003

If you want to see cells in a blood sample clearly and closely, then you
might want to consider a scope with a 50X or 100X oil immersion

http://tinyurl.com/dwqy  (some information about when to use oil

However, this will increase your expense. You can also use a 100X oil
immersion objective to see those "boring" bacteria. You won't be able to
see bacteria with anything lower than 100X oil. You will need to buy
immersion oil also to put on your slides, and this can get messy. How
old a child will be doing this?

http://www.greatscopes.com/glossary.htm  This page explains microscopic
terms and has a section on how to buy a microscope. It looks like a
great page and you will probably want to look at this along with what
we're telling you in these groups.

I know everyone will jump on me now and tell me that it is not necessary
that this child see these things, but if he's more interested in medical
slides vs. slides made from nature, then this would be a worthwhile
investment. I personally thought slides of onion skin (yawn) and pond
water very ho-hum, but LOVED to look at blood smears and bacteria, etc.
Maybe that's why I'm in microbiology and medical laboratory work.

You may want to contact a medical school, if there are any near you, and
see if any of the graduating students are selling their microscopes. It
used to be required of med students to buy a microscope before their
freshman year, and many only keep them during their four years at med
school. Ebay might be another place to look.

You also don't need to buy a new scope. Heck, most of the scopes I've
used in my 29 years as a microbiology tech have been at LEAST 10 years
old and some much much older than that (like 40-50 at one lab). As long
as the lenses are not scratched and the scope has been well maintained,
a used scope is fine.

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)

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> How high is the magnification do I need to see the molecules and
> For example, a blood sample.

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