How much resolution do I need for a microscope?

Scott Coutts scott.coutts at med.monash.edu.au
Mon Jun 9 21:13:48 EST 2003

Larry D. Farrell wrote:
> Harry wrote:
>>I will probably buy him a complete set of slides to look at once I get a
>>microscope. From this link http://www.microscopestore.com/browse.asp?c=22
>>They have pretty good collection of pre-prepared slides for sale.  Is it a
>>good starting collection for him?
> Since they don't give any specifics about what is in the slide set, other than
> "Botany",  "Zoology", "Human Histology" , or "Human Glands",there really isn't
> any way to tell whether the sets are good or not.  If you are determined to buy
> prepared slides, I would suggest, as others have, that you look at the Edmund
> Scientific catalog or the Carolina Biological Supply catalog (Carolina has
> almost 100 pages of prepared slides listed).  In each case, the catalogs give
> specific descriptions of the slides included in sets, which run about the same
> price as the undescribed sets you are considering, and one can buy individual
> slides of specific subjects.

Yes, and if you have a university that teaches undergraduate zoology, 
botany, histology etc then they may allow you to borrow theirs to look at.

> Having said all the above, however, I really agree with the point made by other
> posters that there really isn't a lot of need to buy prepared slides in the
> first place.  Your children, and you, will have much more fun making their own
> slides of things that interest them.  Having made a slide of something and
> looked at it, the cover glass can be removed (if a wet mount was made) and the
> slide and cover glass can be washed and re-used; you cannot do that with
> prepared slides since the cover glass will be permanently affixed to the slide.

Yep, I totally agree! I used to have great fun looking at anything I 
could find. There's usually something interesting to look at no matter 
what you put under there! Particularly pond life - there's lots of wierd 
and wonderful critters buzzing around in there.

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