How much resolution do I need for a microscope?

Harry harryliuusaNOSPAM at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 11:43:58 EST 2003


This NG is a very nice and friendly place to ask questions.

You are probably not gonna believe that I took Quantum Mechanics in college
and I knew the size of electron by heart being an electrical engineer for
almost 20 years.  I should have known very well what it takes to "see"
Shame on me but I apprecaite nobody ever insulted me for this question.
You know for some reasons, I always belive that I am retarded with biology.
Any topic related with biology will make me brain loss right away.  This
probably I have to thank to my middle school teacher, she insulted me in
front of class because I answered wrong with numbers of legs that roaches
has in the first quiz.  That totally killed my confidence and interest in
biology since then.  I am so excited to hear my 6 years old son asking me to
bring him to borrow a book to see what a lung looks like after a bedtime
story about SARS last night.

I will probably buy him a complete set of slides to look at once I get a
microscope. From this link http://www.microscopestore.com/browse.asp?c=22
They have pretty good collection of pre-prepared slides for sale.  Is it a
good starting collection for him?


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