What to get for a microscope?

John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Sun Jun 8 15:20:46 EST 2003

In <XMyEa.231295$3n5.77763 at news2.central.cox.net> Harry wrote:
> How do you know I saw the one with USB camera?  I actually saw it in a 
> toy store called Zanny Branny.  That one cost only $79.  The idea and 
> design is very attractive to a computer guy like me but I know waht 
> $79 can buy me.... Have you ever heard of the brand name in that link?
> Harry

	Sorry, I was thinking of the Intel brand that came out over a year ago. 
Here is their web page: http://playdigitalblue.com/products/qx3/main
That sells for about $200 USD. Looking at the web page I see that it is 
only 200X, not 400. 
	I don't know what the "Zanny Brainy" thing is.


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