What to get for a microscope?

John Gentile yjgent at cox.net
Sat Jun 7 21:38:45 EST 2003

In <hcqEa.230609$3n5.96566 at news2.central.cox.net> Harry wrote:
> Scott,
> Thank you for all the suggestions and input. I am willing to spend up 
> to $1000 ( less is better )
> There is one in the following link for $640
> http://www.medicalresourceusa.com/?page=shop/micro_browse&category_
> id=ebbd78b97e7c9351a5df01451ef03b81 Is it a good quality one by your 
> definition?
> The one with USB port is in a local "toy" store...
> I can not imagine how much a REAL one with USB port will cost me!  I 
> am located in Northern Virginia close to DC area. I am hesitated to 
> get an used one because of not knowing what kind of research it was 
> used previously...
> Harry
	From the looks of the picture it definitely is not a toy. However, the 
proof will be in the quality of the optics. I would think though for 
your use it would be just fine and last until all 3 kids get through 
high school.
	The USB camera is sold as a toy, but is a decent 400X camera that can 
offer some interesting experiments on your PC. The ones I looked at were 
both Mac and PC compatible. 


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