What to get for a microscope?

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Sun Jun 8 10:49:44 EST 2003

On Sat, 07 Jun 2003 04:30:59 GMT, "Harry"
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>My youngest son is asking for a microscope to play with and we went to Zanny
>Branny (a toy type store) to look for one.  They are exactly like toy.
>I have three kids--oldest one is going to High school taking Biology next
>semester. Second one maybe will soon find it (microsope) useful.
>What should I get at what quality and approximate $ in US?
>Though I am a science major guy, I am always frustrated with my very limited
>knowledge toward biology.  My six years old son finally lighted up the hope
>of heading to bioscience field.  I am excited and I don't want to buy him a
>I found the traditional one is about the same design as 30 years ago.  There
>is one with an USB port to see the image on computer screen.  Should I
>consider to get him an traditional optical microscope or the new USB design?
>Thank you for any input.

In addition to the other advice, you might also look at the Edmund
Scientific catalog (presumably it is also online). They provide lots
of info about a wide range of microscopes, all in one place, and they
are "a good company". 


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