Bacterial Slant Cultures

ianj ianj at zipworld.com.au
Tue Jul 15 06:59:05 EST 2003

It IS possible to make slants so that they have minimal condensation.
The method we used- and there is a lot of art in the technique- was to make
'hard agar', say 2% agar instead of 1% and to cool the slants slowly (for
example by keeping them in a wire basket in a cupboard.
We used to ship these slants internationally and they didn't wash off.
Good luck!!

Ian Jenson
Sydney, Australia

<rajendrap10 at yahoo.com> wrote in message
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> keicheng wrote:
> > Hi
> > We are keeping our bacteria on agar slants and keep them in the fridge
at 4C
> > after incubation in the incubator.
> > However, we notice that there is a lot of condensation in the tube and
> > the agar such that the bacteria on the agar is "washed".  Is there any
> > we can over come this problem?
> > Thanks
> > Kei
> Hello Keicheng.
> You will find condensation ; there is no way out to this problem.At that
temp air get condensed on inner side of wall.Best way go for Lyopiliazation.

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