weird bacteria

Artem Evdokimov AEVDOKIMOZ at cinci.rr.com
Fri Feb 28 21:02:00 EST 2003

> I use a loop of wire yes. When I streak other bacteria I never see the
> same strange behaviour, so I don't think it's too hot. Since this is a
> new bacteria I'm not sure of it's preferred media. I grow it on LB +
> glucose, it grows fine at 30 and 37 degrees, and after one night
> incubation I have nice sized colonies. It really seems like the in some
> way inhibit each others growth, so that they need a few mm of space
> between each colony. I know they inhibit growth of other bacteria, they
> are producing some sort of antibiotics.

Biocins are fairly common, see e.g. biocins of E. fecalis :) Colicins can
kill specific substrains of coli, while allowing the host strain survive.


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