OD620 of a Listeria culture

Hanhong Dan danh at inspection.gc.ca
Mon Dec 22 15:00:16 EST 2003

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I have a problem in growing Listeria monocytogenes in LB broth overnight to reach a OD620 >0.5.  I have tried: 1) make fresh broth batch; 2) pull out the -70 C glycerol stock and streak on LB plate to isolate single colony and start over, 3) grow seed bacterial culture using this new single colony at day time for 7 hours and subculture at 1:100 dilution into the new flask overnight with agitation, but all failed. From my labmate, it is clear the same strain performed pretty well in about one year ago in LB broth and OD620 can go up to 1.5 after overnight growth. Do I need to pass through mouse to revive it ? Any clue will be most appreciated.  Hanhong Dan 

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