tissue (cartilage) engineering

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this is all greek to me but may help. i've got an ichy search engine
finger... i'm still making flash card for the 20 aminos of mammals. nice to
know there is some logical progression for cell growth. my goal is
myogenesis so we dont have to kill to eat. can anyone shoot some stuff on
that? i have a few urls...

seems to me they havent done much on it[myoGen] as far as raising and
lowering the medium's pH to simulate a Lifelike environment...

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> We are interested on the following parameters/data which are involved in
> the field of tissue (cartilage) engineering:
> - Ratio between tissue volume/cell volume (or between ECM and cell volume)
> - Oxygen consumption/cell mass growth yield (mmol of O2 / grams of cells)
> - Oxygen consumption rate for cell maintenance (mmol of O2 / s / grams of
> cell)
> - Catabolic rate constant for cell (1/s)
> - Rate constant and expressions for GAG growth
> - Michaelis-Menten constants for cell growth
> Thank you very much in advance
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